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 Price List

 It should be noted that many factors are taken into consideration & may affect the final price such as age, skin type, the presence or any other health conditions that may add to the risks or surgery. Each of our quotations, procedures & the type of surgery performed is personalised to each individual requirements, expectations & health condition therefore the same surgery .Our fees are affordable by most patients, however we do recommend  not go into debt for your cosmetic procedure. Keep in mind that most cosmetic procedures are a desire and not a need. It may not be smart to shop around for the cheapest place. In the long run cheapest could be very costly; after all what is at stake is the most precious thing you have, it is your face and your body.

You may take advantage of our offers that are displayed in the home page for non surgical procedures.






 Why should you choose us ?


Since we are a full service plastic surgery center, we can individualize each procedure to be the right one for each patient.  We have a very comprehensive approach to how we treat each one of our patients.  No one procedure is right for every person. Each person’s body and situation is different, so we look at every option, what the patient’s goals and desires are, and choose the right direction for our patients’ needs.


At the first consultation, we spend a great deal of time with the patient, discussing their concerns and desires in detail.  This is essential to understanding the patient’s goals, as well as explaining the details of the procedure and the post-operative course.  It is important for the patient to have ample opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and voice any fears or worries they may have. 


A second consultation is usually scheduled before the surgery date, as this ensures that the patient has time to process information, ask more questions, and further discuss details or concerns.  We believe it is important for the patient to know exactly what will be happening before, during, and after surgery, so that they will feel safe and have a sound understanding of the entire process.


We offer continuity of care for our patients, as our patients see the same doctor and nurse before, during and after their surgical procedure. , the  nurses and staff build  a connection with each and every patient.  Seeing familiar faces and having time to build relationships with the staff is important.  People come through our doors with many different emotions – they’re scared, nervous, excited, worried – and we do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment for them.


  While we operate and care for patients on a daily basis, we recognize that this is likely their first time going through this experience.  Our surgeons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patients in their care

What is included in the price 


  • Hospital & Surgery costs related to surgery. 

  • Pre-operative tests.

  • All surgeons and anaesthetists fees 

  • Surgical Corset & breast prosthesis.

  • All medication during hospital stay and the departure from hospital 

  • Consultation & all post surgery check ups. 

  • Personalised pre & post surgery information.

  • Qulified staff  who will look after the patient during the patient’s stay.

  • 1-2 niht hosital stay.

  • If your coming for abroad or from another city  then we will meet you and greet you at the airport ,arrange for the hotel and care to take you back and forth to the hospital . 

The  minimum price for the differnt surgical procedures 











Upper eyelids


عمليه رفع الجفون العليا                                    




Lower eyelids


الجفون السفلى




Both upper and lower


العليا والسفلى




Forhead lift 


رفع الجين




   Upper blepharoplasty + brow lift         


رفع الحاجب والشد الحواج العليا










    MACS’ Mini facelift           


ماكس  رفع الوجه 




 Full Face-lift


رفع الوجه كامل




 Face-lift+ upper eyelid surgery


رفع الوجه+شد الجفون العليا




 Face and neck lift


رفع الوجه وشد الرقبه




    Face- neck lift+ upper eyelid


رفع الوجه+رفع الرقبه+ الجفون العليا




 Mid Face lift subperiosteal


رفع وسط الوجه












تجميل الانف






تعديل اجر الانف




Ear Pinning (Otoplasty )


عمليه الاذن البارزه




Chin augmentation


زرع الذقن




Complicated septorhinoplasty


تعديل  الانف والحلجز الوسط






تقويم الاذن




Hair transplant  2 uds per follicule FUE


زرع الشعر












عمليات الصدر




Breast augmentation


تكير الصدر




Breast Reduction


تصغير الصدر




Breast Asymetry  correction or lift


تعديل الاختلالف  في الحجم




Breast reconstruction Implant 


بناء الصدر بالسلكون




Breast Reconstruction with DIEP


بنائ الصدر من البطن




Correction of nipple deformity 


تعديل الحلمه




Reconstruction of nipple + areolar tatoo


بناء الحلمه




Fat tissue Augmentation 


نقل الدهون لتكير الثدي




Breast lift  (mastopexy)


رفع الصدر
















Abdominoplasty mini


همليه شد طن صغرى




Full abdominoplasty wit transp of umbl


شد بطن كبرى




Full Belt Lipectomy or body Lift 


شد  الجسم كبرى




Abdominoplasty + Liposuction


شد بطن + شفط الدهون










Liposcution of a restricted area eg Neck


شفط دهون منطقه محدده منل العنق




Liposcution of abdomine (the belly)


شفط  دهون البطن او الكرش




Liposuction of abdomine and flanks 


شفط دهون البطن والخصر




Liposuction of thighs outer


شفط دهون الافخاد الجه الخارجيه




Liposuction of inner thighs






Bracheoplasty or armlift 


تنحيف الذراع او الساق










Fat injection restricted area eg Lips 


نقل الدهون 




Larger areas of fat transfer


نقل الدهون لمناطق كبيره
















Hyperhydrosis of the axila

effect last upto 6 months 

علاج التعرق المفرط بالبوتوكس (الابط)




hyperhydrosis of the palm


التعرق المفرط من الكف                                       










Injection of  Fillers for lips ,cheeks or other 


هحقن الفيلر لتبير الشفاه او الخدود او غيرها
















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